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Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive

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It is with heavy heart that we, the Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive Association, voted to cancel the 2020 Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive Fall Festival. A letter will be forthcoming to all vendors and advertisers. Thank you for all of your continued support.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2021!!

2020 Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive Map


Click on the links of area names or following numbers for advertisers.

1. Farmington
1a. Reed Park
1b. Farmington West
2. Avon
3. Ellisville
3a. Hilltop Shoppe
3b. Pheasants Forever
4. Canton
5. Cuba
6. Smithfield
6a. Red Brick School
7. Bernadotte
8. Lewistown
8a. Marigold Meadows
8b. Blacksmith Shop
8c. Narrow Gauge Depot
9. Waterford Community
9a. Dickson Mounds Museum
9b. Native Trails Winery
9c. Orchard Hill
10. Duncan Mills
11. Ipava
12. Vermont
13. Astoria

Canton Ingersoll ManorRed Brick School, Smithfield, ILBernadotte, IL

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