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Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive

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It is with heavy heart that we, the Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive Association, voted to cancel the 2020 Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive Fall Festival. A letter will be forthcoming to all vendors and advertisers. Thank you for all of your continued support.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2021!!

The Spoon River Valley Associates wish to express their deep appreciation for combined efforts of our area representatives, the site managers and their helpers. Also, we wish to thank all the citizens of Fulton County for their help with the all year Scenic Drive. Without the help of these people the Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive could not have continued.


President ~ Jodie Kost ~ 309-221-2378
Vice President ~ Shirley Swango ~ 309-783-3283
Fall Festival Chairperson ~ Robbin Kost ~ 309-221-2799
Corresponding Secretary ~ Larry Schatz ~ 309-221-2799
Recording Secretary ~ Cindy Arnett ~ 309-547-5363
Publicity Chairman ~ Becky Powell ~ 309-299-6241
Treasurer ~ Chris Beaty ~ 309-647-0400

Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive
PO Box 525
Canton, IL 61520

Phone: 309-221-2799

Email: rkost_1@yahoo.com

The form should then be mailed to Fall Festival Chairperson Robbin Kost along with the correct registration fee. Checks should be payable to Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive.

Vendors interested in setting up on the Drive during the Fall Festival should contact Site Representatives listed to the right or Fall Festival Chairperson Robbin Kost. Vendor inquiries by email should be directed to rkost_1@yahoo.com

Robbin Kost
Fall Festival Chairperson
Box 804
Astoria, IL 61501

Phone: 309-221-2799


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Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive Fall Festival, PO Box 525, Canton, IL 61520