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Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive Fall Festival

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The Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive Associates has provided each contributor (vendors, merchants and demonstrators) with a large red and white logo sign. This contributor’s sign shows that person or business has registered with the Associates and is a LEGITIMATELY REGISTERED VENDOR for the Fall Festival. It is the financial support of these contributors which makes the Fall Festival possible. The costs of the Drive’s Fall Festival include advertising, promotion, sanitation, information, office costs, entertainment, and various other costs supported by those who contribute. Visitors are asked to patronize only those vendors displaying the red and white contributor’s sign pictured to the left. These logos will help you to identify the legitimate stops.

The Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive welcomes vendors and crafters with quality displays. Acceptable product lines are to be family-oriented and in keeping with the values that are traditional for rural America.

The Scenic Drive Associates ask vendors to dress in turn-of-century attire and to help reflect the rich history of our Spoon River Country.

The Fall Festival consists of sanctioned sites and areas throughout Fulton County, IL and along the 100 miles plus of our Scenic Drive routes. Each site is managed locally by an area representative or site manager.  Vendors should contact the representatives and/or site managers (listed on the sites page) at their location of preference and make local arrangements with the individual site for booth space and payment of local space fees.

We encourage vendors who are considering the Fall Festival for the first time carefully look over our full website for information about the Fulton County Spoon River Country and the Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive Fall Festival.



On this page:

Vendor Information
Registration Process
Registration Forms
Registration Fees

Registration Forms

Registration contract forms may be downloaded electronically from this page in Adobe Acrobat format or by writing to Fall Festival Chairperson Robbin Kost. Vendors may email information requests to us at


  • Greeting Letter
  • Advertising Form
  • Ad Sizing/Pricing
  • Registration Contract

Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive
PO Box 525
Canton, IL 61520

Phone: 309-221-2799


The form should then be mailed to Fall Festival Chairperson Robbin Kost along with the correct registration fee. Checks should be payable to Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive.

Vendors interested in setting up on the Drive during the Fall Festival should contact Site Representatives or Fall Festival Chairperson Robbin Kost. Vendor inquiries by email should be directed to

Robbin Kost
Fall Festival Chairperson
Box 804
Astoria, IL 61501

Phone: 309-221-2799

Registration Fees

The registration contract form should not be completed until a local arrangement has been made.

All food vendors:

  • $75.00 – prior to September 1
  • $125.00 – on or after September 1

All other vendors:

  • $50.00 – prior to September 1
  • $75.00 - on or after September 1

Vendors are asked to contribute 10% of their net profits, not gross profits, to the Scenic Drive Associates following the end of the Fall Festival and prior to November 1, if possible.

Food vendors are to provide a certificate of product liability insurance with their registration form and fees. Food vendors should also contact the Fulton County Health Department for health department regulations and permit information.

Fulton County Health Department, ATT: Environmental Health
700 East Oak
Canton, IL 61520
Phone: 309-647-1134

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